Functional Morphology

What is Functional Morphology? Quite simply, it is the study of organism structure (i.e., anatomy) and function (e.g., how it works in a particular context). Understanding the basic structure and function of organisms is one of the oldest areas of research pertaining to the natural world. We are, quite simply, fascinated with how animals work. Research in our Lab (Take a Lab Tour!) is centered around understanding function in an ecological or historical (evolutionary) context.  

Dr. Lara Ferry, PI, Professor  

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Sarah Handy, PhD Student

Sarah's work examines the ventilatory mechanics of sharks and how environmental stressors can be detected through physiological measurements.

Sarika Sawant, MS student

Sarika has studied bite force via modeling in Pacific sleeper sharks and is expanding her work to bite force in American monkfish for her thesis.

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Please know that we are not only pro-diversity, but we are also actively anti-sexist and anti-racist in our lab.  Everyone has the basic right to learn and to be supported in that endeavor without fear, discrimination, or artificial barriers placed in their way.  Actions that oppose these ideals will not be tolerated in our lab, or towards any of our lab members in any environment.

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