Alice Gibb - Prey Capture and Escape Behaviors in Cyprinodontiform and Native Arizona Fishes

Patricia Hernandez - Prey Capture Mechanics, Development, and Evolutionary Diversification in Cyprinids and Cyprinodontiforms

Nicolai Konow - Intramandibular Joints and Biomechanical/Ecological Consequences

Adam Summers  - Ventilation in Chondrichthyans

Peter Wainwright - Performance Modeling, Quantifying Morphological Diversity and Diversification Rates in Embiotocids

Mason Dean (currently a post doc at the Max Plank)- Chondrichthyan Biomechanics

Daniel Huber - Force modeling in Chondrichthyan Jaws

Dhruv Bhate - Biomimetic Design and Manufacturing

P Boradkar - Sustainable Design and Development